I Think I Love You – The Partridge Family – 1970

I think I love you - Partridge FamilyDebut single from debut album – straight to #1 – I Think I Love You from The Partridge Family!

the partridge family fax

  • I think we all know the story – The Partridge Family, an American musical-sitcom. A widowed mother (Shirley Jones) and her five children somehow become pop stars.
  • The show ran from September 25, 1970, until March 23, 1974, the band ran for almost exactly the same time span.
  • Apparently, the show was loosely based on The Cowsills; a real-life family band.
  • To promote the show, ABC released a series of albums and – did they play their own instruments? No.  David Cassidy sang, and Shirley Jones provided some BVs, but that was it.  No other cast member featured on any recording.
  • Of course, David Cassidy became a teen idol leading him to be signed as a solo act. David gathered his own band and toured across the USA, UK, Europe, Japan and Australia, singing his own songs and those of “his family.”
  • The Partridge Family’s biggest hit was back in 1970 – their debut single, I Think I Love You.
  • The band’s first album, The Partridge Family Album, peaked at #4 on the US album charts and sold over a million copies.
  • A number of hits followed: Doesn’t Somebody Want to Be Wanted, I’ll Meet You Halfway, I Woke Up In Love This Morning, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, etc.
  • In just four years, The Partridge Family released 89 songs on 9 albums.

Even as late as 2017, David was touring and singing the old hits. He had his battles with drink, but now battles dementia and has retired from singing.

In 1971, The Partridge Family were nominated for a Grammy in the Best New Artist category.

i think i love you fax

  • I Think I Love You was written by Tony Romeo who previously wrote a number of hits for The Cowsills.
  • In 1970, I Think I Love You was released as the debut single by The Partridge Family, featuring David Cassidy on lead vocals and Shirley Jones on BVs.
  • The song went straight to #1 on the US charts – the band’s only #1 hit. It peaked at #18 on the UK charts.
  • I Think I Love You was 1970s top selling record in the US. It sold over five million copies, outselling the Beatles’ Let It Be, and making The Partridge Family the third fictional artist to have a #1 hit (after The Chipmunks and The Archies).
  • I Think I Love You lyrics.

i think i love you – the partridge family – 1970

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