Jim Dandy – Black Oak Arkansas – 1973

January 30, 2016

JBOA Jim Dandy coverim Dandy to the Rescue – a 1973 hit for southern rockers, Black Oak Arkansas.

BOA 1black oak arkansas fax

  • The Knowbody Else formed in Black Oak, Arkansas in 1963—a group high school mates who enjoyed making music and who possessed an interesting set of nicknames: Ronnie Smith was Chicky Hawk, Rickie Lee Reynolds was Ricochet or Risky, Stanley Knight was Goober Grin, Harvey Jett was Burley, Pat Daugherty was Dirty and Wayne Evans was Squeezebox.  At some point Chicky Hawk decided he’d rather be stage production manager and handed the lead vocals to James Mangrum aka Jim Dandy.
  • BOA 2In 1969, The Knowbody Else moved to Memphis, Tennessee signing a record deal with Stax Records, producing a self-titled album and being largely ignored by record buyers everywhere.
  • In 1970, the band signed to Atco Records and changed their name to that of their home town, Black Oak Arkansas (some years later they dropped the Arkansas and were known simply as Black Oak).
  • Their eponymous album was released in 1971.  Many fans still claim it was their best.
  • A number of albums followed with the band going through a number recording companies, various incarnations, the occasional hiatus and inevitable reunions.
  • In 2013 the band was back with Atlantic Records and released a new album, Back Thar N’ Over Yonder.
  • The band now contains three of the original lineup; Dandy, Risky, and Dirty. The band toured the US to promote the album.

jBOA 3im dandy fax

  • Jim Dandy, sometimes called Jim Dandy to the Rescue was written by Lincoln Chase.
  • It was first recorded by LaVern Baker in 1956 and peaked at #17 on US singles chart.  Baker followed the song up with a sequel single, Jim Dandy Got Married.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the song was not written about James “Jim Dandy” Mangrum of Black Oak Arkansas… it’s more likely that his nickname came from the song.
  • Jim Dandy is a slang term for an outstanding person or item.
  • Jim Dandy was covered by Black Oak Arkansas on their 1973 album, High on the Hog.  The single peaked at #25 on the US singles chart.
  • The vocals were shared by Jim “Dandy” Mangrum and Ruby Starr.
  • Jim Dandy has featured in a number of movies. The LaVerne Baker version was featured in the 1972 John Waters film Pink Flamingos. The Black Oak Arkansas version was used in the 1993 film Dazed and Confused, while the Wright Brothers Band version was used in the 1987 film Overboard.
  • In the early-to-mid 2000’s, a used car lot called JD Byrider produced a version replacing “Jim Dandy” with “JD” to advertise that they would “rescue” buyers with bad credit – the song is about a man named Jim Dandy who rescues women from various predicaments.
  • Jim Dandy lyrics.

jim dandy – black oak arkansas – video – 1973

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Paul Kantner 1941 – 2016

January 30, 2016

Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner, founding member of Jefferson Airplane, died on Thursday, Jan 28.  He was 74.  Paul had suffered an number of health issues in recent times including a heart attack in March 2015, and another this past week.

Read Rolling Stone Magazine’s announcement here.

White Rabbit – Jefferson Starship – video.

Don’t Sleep in the Subway – Petula Clark – 1967

January 24, 2016

Petula Clark, Don't Sleep in the Subway - 1967Okay, so this is a little before the 70s; but I heard this song on the radio the other day and checked out Petula Clark on the ol’ internet… you know, we talk about stars with longevity; Petula started performing in 1939, and she’s still going!! This is her 1967 hit, Don’t Sleep in the Subway.

Petula Clark 2petula clark fax

  • Born in 1932, Petula’s first public performance was in a department store in a town called Kingston upon Thames.  She sang with an orchestra backing and was paid a tin of toffee and a gold wristwatch.
  • At nine years old, Petula made her radio debut in accidental fashion.  A BBC broadcast she was attending with her father was delayed by an air raid. During the bombing, the producer asked if someone could perform something/anything to calm the theatre audience.  Petula volunteered and sang.  People loved it so much that it was included in the broadcasted show.  There followed a series of about 500 appearances in programmes designed to entertain the troops.
  • Petula Clark 1Nicknamed the “Singing Sweetheart,” or Britain’s Shirley Temple,” she performed toured the UK with another child performer, Julie Andrews.
  • Petula became a mascot of the British Army.  Troops would plaster her photos on their tanks for good luck as they advanced into battle.
  • Following the war and into the 1950s, Petula recorded songs in both French and English and gained international success.
  • This success spread to the 1960s, when she became known for a string of hits including, Downtown, My Love, This is My Song (her biggest hit) and Don’t Sleep in the Subway.
  • She was one of the key figures in the ’60s UK music invasion of the US.
  • She has sold more than 68 million records throughout her career.

don’t sleep in the subway fax

  • Petula Clark 3Don’t Sleep in the Subway was written by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent.
  • It was recorded by Petula Clark and released as a single in the UK in April 1967.
  • The song peaked at #12 on the UK singles chart and #5 on the US singles chart.  It was at #1 on the Australian charts on 16 and 23 September 1967 – this marking Petula’s final appearance at #1 on an official national chart.
  • Don’t Sleep in the Subway lyrics.

don’t sleep in the subway – petula clark – 1967 – video

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Glenn Frey (1948 – 2016)

January 19, 2016

Glenn Frey

For the second time in a week, a shining light of 70s music has died: Glenn Frey, Eagles guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, passed away Monday, January 18.  He was 67.

Read the Rolling Stone Magazine article here.

The Eagles – One of These Nights – video

The Eagles – New Kid in Town – Video

David Bowie – 1947 – 2016

January 11, 2016

David Bowie

One of the true icons of 70s music has died.  David Bowie passed away today after an 18 month battle with cancer.

David’s latest album, Blackstar (represented by a black star) was released just two days ago.

Read the report from David Bowie Dies.

David Bowie – Blackstar – 2016 – Video

(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher – Rita Coolidge – 1977

January 10, 2016

Rita Coolidge Higher and HigherPart Scots, part Cherokee Indian, Rita Coolidge’s greatest hit was 1977’s, (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher.

Rita Coolidge 1rita coolidge fax

  • Born in Tennessee in 1945, Rita Coolidge continues to perform today.
  • Rita’s singing career began in bars around Memphis and in recording advertising jingles, before she was discovered by Delaney and Bonnie.
  • After moving to Los Angeles with Delaney and Bonnie, Rita sang background vocals for many popular artists of the time, including: Delaney & Bonnie, Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills.  Rita features in Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen album, singing Leon Russell’s Superstar.
  • Rita was nicknamed, The Delta Lady and inspired Leon Russell to write a song of the same name for her.
  • 500_FRONT.jpgIn 1973, Rita married Kris Kristofferson.  Together they recorded several duet albums, which sold well and earned them two Grammy Awards for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal; From the Bottle to the Bottom (1974) and Lover Please (1976).
  • As a soloist, Rita scored four consecutive top 25 hits in 1977-78.  Coincidentally, they were all covers: Jackie Wilson’s (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher, Boz Scaggs’ We’re All Alone, The Temptations’ The Way You Do The Things You Do, and Marcia Hines’ You.

the layla connection

  • Having recorded the initial version of Layla in 1970, Eric Clapton heard drummer Jim Gordon playing a piano piece he had allegedly composed himself.  Eric was impressed by the piece and convinced his drummer Gordon to allow it to be used as the song’s coda section. Jim Gordon has been officially credited with this part but keyboardist Bobby Whitlock claims,

Jim took that piano melody from his ex-girlfriend Rita Coolidge. I know because in the Delaney & Bonnie days, I lived in John Garfield’s old house in the Hollywood Hills and there was a guest house with an upright piano in it. Rita and Jim were up there in the guest house and invited me to join in on writing this song with them called Time.  Her sister Priscilla wound up recording it with her husband, Booker T. Jones (of Booker T. & the M.G.’s). Jim took the melody from Rita’s song and didn’t give her credit for writing it. Her boyfriend ripped her off.

  • Time ended up on the 1973 album Chronicles by Booker T. and Priscilla.

(your love has lifted me) higher and higher fax

  • Rita Coolidge 3(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher was originally recorded by Jackie Wilson.  It was released in August 1967 and peaked at #6 on both the US and UK singles charts.
  • The song was covered by The Move in 1968 and Bette Midler in 1973 – that was before Rita Coolidge’s hit.
  • Rita recorded the song in 1977 and included it on her album, Anytime…Anywhere.
  • Rita and her sister Priscilla Jones had sung background on a version of the song for a prospective album by Priscilla’s husband Booker T. Jones; when that album was shelved Coolidge asked him if she could cut the song using his arrangement.
  • (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher was Rita’s first major hit despite nine years of recording.  Her version peaked at #2 on the US charts – it earned Rita her first gold record.
  • Rolling Stone magazine once ranked the song as #246 on their list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.  In 1999, the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.
  • (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher lyrics.

(your love has lifted me) higher and higher – Rita Coolidge – 1977 – video

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