I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day – Wizzard – 1973

I wish it could be Christmas Every day - Roy Wood - Wizzard - 1973   It may only have ever made it to #4 on the UK charts (and is not even known in the US) but Wizzard’s 1973 Christmas song, I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day, is proof that, if you’re going to have one hit song, make it a Christmas one!

christmas again

Yep, it’s that time of year again. I decided I’d share with you whatever was the first 70s Christmas song I heard this year. Of course it was Feliz Navidad. Couldn’t use that one, though—we did that last year.

So, here it is, the second Christmas song I heard on the radio this year… I confess, I’d almost forgotten it existed.

from orchestra to glam-rock

Wizzard were formed in Birmingham by Roy Wood, co-founder of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). Roy had left ELO after continuing conflict with Jeff Lynne. When you consider the differences between Wizzard and ELO, you can understand why conflicts arose!

Wizzard went on to have three or four hit records including two UK #1’s; See My Baby Jive and Angel Fingers (A Teen Ballard).

The band were pretty short-lived; formed in 1972, split in 1975. Four hit records and two decent albums though – pretty good going for three years.

if you’re gonna write one song…

I reckon, if you’re going to write one hit song, make it a Christmas one because every year you get to sell more records.

Since 2007, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day has made a little foray onto the charts without even making a physical appearance in the record stores thanks to digital downloads.

So, here’s how Roy and I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day have done in recent years:

  • 2007, #16
  • 2008, #31.
  • 2009, # 45.
  • 2010, # 46.
  • 2011, # 28.
  • 2012 #31.

i wish it could be Christmas every day fax

  • I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day was recorded in August 1973 and released in time for Christmas that year.
  • I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day peaked at #4 on the UK charts.
  • Because I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day was recorded in August, the studio was decorated with Christmas decorations and the air conditioning turned down to its coldest setting. Roy wore a woollen hat.
  • The backing vocals on the record are by The Suedettes, and the school choir from Stockland Green Bilateral School.
  • I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day lyrics.

i wish it could be christmas every day – wizzard – 1973 – video

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9 Responses to I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day – Wizzard – 1973

  1. wozza says:

    A great song and band. Not a one hit wonder though GK. See My Baby Jive and Angel Fingers both major hits!

    Haven’t heard a Christmas song (as such) yet in any of the stores in Wuxi – they are playing Jingle Bells style songs though.

  2. wozza says:

    Doh – I just reread your post and sure enuf you mention those two hits. Sorry bout that chief!

    • Greg.K. says:

      Yep…they were far from a one hit wonder but lasted such a short time. Everytime I see a video of Wizzard in their makeup and strange clothing I smile as it becomes quite obviously clear why Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne had “creative” differences 🙂

  3. MIKI says:

    Wot a bunch of plonkers! (sorry, not very charitable at this time of year I know) Sounds like an ad jingle. I am sooo glad it is not Christmas every day . . . but actually it kind of is, at least from towards the end of October, which is when I first saw evidence of Christmas merchandising. Have to agree with Wozza – haven’t heard much Christmassy music around but perhaps I tune out! Will wait ’til next week to wish you a Merry Christmas, hoho

    • Greg.K. says:

      I don’t reckon there is as much this year! Which is a blessing for sure. BTW-Wozza is in China – I don’t think Christmas music is too big up there 🙂
      PS – hadn’t you heard this song before?

  4. MIKI says:

    Hi – where did that week go – am behind with my correspondence!

    No, I hadn’t heard it but that could be due to brain fog – I realise I am not a true child of the 70s and was at that time 9months pregnant with my No.2 son – possibly had other things on my mind?! will now read your next issue!

  5. MIKI says:

    Haha – does anyone still drink egg-nog – does it still exist?! Think I’ll stick with the base alcohol – just thinking about the recipe makes me feel queasy. Srrange though, as the individual ingredients are all perfectly acceptable, it’s just the thought of the combination, ugh!

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