Computer Games – Mi-Sex – 1979

Hailing from New Zealand and living in Australia, Mi-Sex rode the crest of down-under New Wave. Their career peaked with the hits Computer Games (1979) and People (1980).

never really liked mi-sex

It’s true, while my brother and others seemed to get down to the music of Mi-Sex, they never really grabbed me. However, I still know good music when I hear it (though some may disagree) and these guys could sing.

What I also know is, tempus fugit!! I heard this song on January 6. The reason it was played on the radio was to commemorate the death of, and honour, Mi-Sex lead singer Steve Gilpin… it was twenty years ago! Can’t believe it.


Steve Gilpin began as a pop singer/songwriter on New Zealand television – then UK New Wave hit Kiwi-land and he underwent a radical style-enhancement. Grabbing the name from the Ultravox song, My Sex, Steve’s band became Mi-Sex. Within a year they’d moved to Aussie and found stardom.

steve r i p

The band were active until 1984. Once they’d split, Steve continued to work in Australia with a number of bands until January 6 1992. Returning home after a gig, Steve had an accident in his car. Seriously injured, he lapsed into a coma and subsequently died.

computer games fax

  • Computer Games is lifted from Mi-Sex’s first album, Graffiti Crimes. The album was re-released in 1980 under the name, Computer Games.
  • Computer Games was the second single off the Graffiti Crimes album – the first was But You Don’t Care.
  • Computer Games was released as a single in 1979 in Australia and New Zealand and in 1981 across Europe.
  • Peaking at #1 in Australia, #5 in New Zealand and # 2 in Canada, Computer Games won the Best Australian Single award at the 1979 TV Week/Countdown Music Awards.
  • In 1983, Computer Games was re-recorded as the final track for Mi-Sex’s final album Where Do They Go?
  • Computer Games lyrics

computer games – mi-sex – 1979

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4 Responses to Computer Games – Mi-Sex – 1979

  1. Wozza says:

    Never liked this or the band. I think because they appeared to be quite a contrived group, Steve Gilpin was, as you note, a pretty naff TV presence and all those synths!! Yuck.

  2. Greg.K. says:

    Wow! Don’t hold back Wozza! 🙂
    I agree with you – but they did well in Aussie, they loved them. And, when someone contributes to the music scene we love so much and then gets chopped down in their prime – well, you gotta have some sympathy… hey, and it was TWENTY years ago!!

  3. finnattic says:

    Certainly was’nt one of my favorites (Computer Games). It might have been more appropriate if they had played ‘Blue Day’! I do understand how people feel when they think of Steve Gilpin because of the pre Mi-Sex days. But I enjoyed them for the short time they were at their peak and at that time they were THE hottest band in Australia. I don’t think he was cut down in his prime though unless you mean age wise.

  4. Greg.K. says:

    I did think of Blue Day – in fact, they did have some good songs… it’s strange sometimes that a band’s BEST songs are the album-only tracks and the hits and catchy without being classy – – if you get my drift!

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