Stumblin’ In – Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro – 1979

Chris and Suzi Stumblin InEnglish soft pop singer, lead singer from 70s band Smokie (Living Next Door to Alice), combines with leather-clad American glam-rocker – Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro‘s Stumblin’ In was a hit in 1979.

chris norman and suzi quarto fax

  • Chris Norman was lead singer of English band, Smokie who had a 70s hit with Living Next Door to Alice.
  • Smokie became very successful in Europe, especially Chris and Suzi1Germany, a popularity Chris cashed in on with a successful solo career that continues today.  The song Stumblin’ In remains part of his set with various female artists taking on Suzi’s part.
  • Suzi Quatro needs little introduction, the queen of American glam-rock, she is credited with being a major player in breaking the barrier to women’s participation in rock music.
  • Suzi’s first album, self-titled, was released in 1973 – 15 albums have followed with a number of hits such as, Can the Can, 48 Crash, and Devil Gate Drive.
  • She played the role of Leather Tuscadero in the American sitcom Happy Days.
  • Like Chris, Suzi continues to tour and perform today.

Chris and Suzi2stumblin’ in fax

  • Stumblin’ In was written by hit-makers Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn.
  • Performed by Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro, it first appeared on Suzi’s 1979 album, If You Knew Suzi.
  • Stumblin’ In peaked at #4 on the US charts in 1979. It was Suzi’s only US top 40 hit and Chris’ only US top 40 hit apart from the success he had with his band Smokie.
  • Stumblin’ In lyrics.

stumblin’ in – chris norman and suzi quarto – 1979 – video

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