Reflections of My Life – Marmalade – 1969/70

Marmalade Reflections of My LifeReleased in the UK in November 1969 and in the US in March 1970, Marmalade’s, Reflections of My Life is one of the greatest songs ever… (my opinion!)

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  • Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Marmalade began life in in 1961 as the Gaylords.  In 1966, they changed their name to The Marmalade.
  • Marmalade 1Between 1968 and 1972 the band had six UK top ten singles, including one #1; Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, in 1968 (which they recorded before The Beatles and without knowing it was a Lennon-McCartney song).
  • Around 55 years after their formation, the band continues to perform today, although the last of the original members left the band in 2010.
  • In that 55 years, and including The Gaylords era, around 30 individuals can lay claim to have been a part of the band, including Dave Dee of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich fame.
  • The Gaylords’ break came when, while visiting Scotland, The Tremeloes saw the band perform.  On their recommendation, then band was invited to travel to London and join The Tremeloes’ management agency.  On the advice of the new management they changed their name, first to The Marmalade, the simply, Marmalade.
  • A rather unusual aspect of the five-piece band was that they had two bass players – Graham Knight on four-string and Pat Fairley on six-string.
  • Popgroup Marmalade.A turning point for Marmalade came in 1967 when they played the Marquee Club in London as support to Pink Floyd.  They were soon touring as a support band for such acts as, The Who, Joe Cocker, Traffic, and The Tremeloes.
  • The opportunity for greater early 70s stardom was scuttled when their manager turned down (for good reason) the opportunity to open for Three Dog Night on a tour of the US.
  • Over the following years, Marmalade experimented with new sounds and by the mid-70s had reinvented themselves as a harder rock band (think Status Quo).
  • And so the journey of Marmalade continues – a band that produced one of the great pop songs of the 70s, but failed to consistently produce music of that standard as they struggled to discover a distinctive and enduring sound.  One thing cannot be denied, however – they were a great band!

reflections of my life fax

  • Recorded over three days in October 1969, Reflections of My Life was written by Marmalade’s lead guitarist Junior Campbell, and singer Dean Ford.
  • Released in the UK in November 1969, it was Marmalade’s first release on Decca records – they’d previously been signed to CBS.
  • The song peaked at #3 in the UK and #7 in the US.  Within months, it sold over one million copies worldwide.  It’s not sold over two million copies, over one million in the US alone.
  • Reflections of My Life features a fancy (for those days) reverse guitar solo.  That is, the guitar was recorded, the tape was turned over to play backwards, and Junior Campbell recorded over top of the original.
  • Reflections of My Life have been used in a number of movies and television soundtracks such as, Inside Deep Throat (the documentary movie covering the life of Linda Lovelace) and Life on Mars.  It was also used within the 1998 pre-election campaign by the UK Government.
  • In 2014, Dean Ford re-recorded the song with an acoustic arrangement (to be honest, the recording is not great – but the fact is, he wrote it and the song is fantastic!).
  • Reflections of My Life lyrics.

reflections of my life – marmalade 1969/70 – video

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