Full Circle – The Byrds – 1973

The byrds full circle 1973While their influence on rock music cannot be denied, by the beginning of the 1970s, The Byrds’ popularity was waning.  During the 60s, however, they had multiple hits including two #1’s (Mr Tambourine Man and Turn! Turn! Turn!) and the psychedelic Eight Miles High.  Full Circle was released in 1973 and again in the UK in 1975, their last single release.

The byrds 3the byrds fax

  • Formed in Los Angeles in 1964, The Byrds underwent multiple line-up changes during the various metamorphoses.  They performed from 1964–73, between 1989–91, and 2000 (for the Fred Walecki tribute concert).
  • The Byrds’ one constancy was frontman Roger McGuinn.  Other members included: Gene Clark, David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons and Gene Parsons.
  • It’s often suggested the band went through three stages: a folk rock stage from 1964 – 1965, a ppsychedelia from late 1965 to 1967, and a country rock stage from 1968 – 1973.  One thing that went unchanged in all those years was the band’s popularity with them being mentioned alongside names like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.
  • The byrds 1Many bands have listed The Byrds as being among their influences.  These include: Eagles, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, R.E.M., the Bangles, and the Smiths.
  • In January 1991, the Byrds were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It was the final time that all five original members performed together; Roger McGuinn, Dave Crosby, Chris Hillman, Gene Clark (died of a heart attack in 1991), and Michael Clarke (died of liver failure in 1993).
  • In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine listed The Byrds at #45 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.
  • The Byrds’ biggest hit single was the first single (and title track) from their first album; Mr Tambourine Man.

full circle fax

  • The byrds 2Sometimes called Full Circle Song, Full Circle was written by Gene Clark of The Byrds in 1972.
  • Full Circle Song originally appeared on Gene’s solo album Roadmaster (1973), which was initially released only in the Netherlands.  Full Circle was then included on The Byrds’ 1973 reunion album, Byrds.
  • The Byrds’ version of Full Circle was released in the US on April 11, 1973 and peaked at #109.  It was re-released in the UK on August 8, 1975 – it failed to chart.
  • Dan Fogelberg covered the song on his 2003 album, Full Circle.
  • Full Circle lyrics.

full circle – the byrds – 1973

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