Julie, Do You Love Me – Bobby Sherman – 1970

Bobby Sherman Julie Do You Love Me CoverI know this blog is supposed to be about 70’s songs I hear on the radio during the week… well, I haven’t heard this one for years.  However, I did get to sing it to a lady named Julie this week!!  I was in a group talking about names and the aforementioned lady commented that she hated her name because there was a song about it and her husband insisted on singing it to her at the most inappropriate times.  “Fortunately,” she said, “it’s not very well known so I doubt if anyone here would know it.”  Cue for yours truly to launch into a stirring rendition of Bobby Sherman’s 1970 hit, Julie, Do You Love Me.  Do any of you remember this “classic?”

Bobby Sherman 1bobby sherman fax

  • Born in 1943, Bobby Sherman was a teen idol during the 60s and 70s.
  • Bobby was discovered by Sal Mineo – a 60s actor who appeared alongside James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause.  In 1962, Sal wrote a couple of songs for Bobby oversaw their recording.  Two years later, Sal was singing with his band at a Hollywood party and asked Bobby to join in.  An agent was there and the rest, as they say, is history.
  • Bobby’s career stuttered along until early 1968 when he was cast in the role as Jeremy Bolt in the television series Here Come the Brides (Also in the cast was David Soul another television star to have a 70s hit or two).
  • Bobby Sherman 2Bobby then appeared and sang in an episode of The Monkees.  He later appeared in an episode of that other 70s series, The Partridge Family and has appeared on The Mod Squad, Ellery Queen, Murder She Wrote and Frasier.
  • Bobby went on to release 107 songs, 23 singles and 10 albums between 1962-1976.  They earned him seven gold singles, a platinum single, and five gold albums.  That included seven hits on the US Top 40.
  • His highest charting single was in 1969 when Little Woman peaked at #3.
  • Bobby’s only venture onto the UK singles chart was with Julie, Do Ya Love Me which peaked at #28 in November 1970.  Interestingly, White Plains had a cover version on the charts at exactly the same time.  It peaked at #8.
  • Bobby’s concerts featured screaming women of Beatlemania proportions.  So much so that to this day Bobby suffers hearing loss.
  • Bobby stopped singing professionally in 1975 but, in 1998, appeared in concert as part of The Teen Idol Tour with Peter Noone, and Davy Jones.
  • Bobby Sherman 3In 2005, Bobby was ranked #8 in TV Guide’s list of TV’s 25 Greatest Teen Idols.
  • Bobby is now officially retired… for the moment anyway.

julie, do you love me fax

  • Julie Do You Love Me was written by songwriter Tom Bahler who also penned hits for Cher (Living in a House Divided) and Michael Jackson (She’s Out of My Life).  He’s also worked with artists as diverse as Jan and Dean and Billy Joel.
  • Released by Bobby Sherman in mid-1970, Julie, Do You Love Me peaked at #3 in the US and #28 in the UK – it was Bobby’s only UK hit.
  • The song was covered by White Plains who had a #8 UK hit with it.
  • Julie, Do You Love Me lyrics.

julie, do you love me – bobby sherman – video

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