Heart of the Night – Poco – 1979

Poco Heart of the Night cover 1979Perhaps the first of the family of West Coast country-rock bands, Poco began life as an offshoot of Buffalo Springfield.  In 1979 they had a hit with Heart of the Night.

Poco 1apoco fax

  • Poco formed in California in the late 60s – original members including Richie Furay, Jim Messina and Rusty Young.
  • It was during the recording of Buffalo Springfield’s final album that the band’s three lead singers Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Richie Furay each recorded songs without the other members present. Richie’s (Kind Woman) featured Jim Messina and Rusty Young. Buffalo Springfield split and Poco was formed.
  • Many place Poco at the forefront of the West Coast country-rock genre that was later headlined by The Eagles.
  • Poco has performed in various line-ups over the years and is still (just) active.
  • Amongst musicians to make up Poco have been Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmit who both went on the play as part of The Eagles.
  • Of all members, Rusty Young had been, until recently, the ever-present force; he left the band in 2013 after 45 years playing and touring with Poco.
  • Not high-fliers on the singles charts, Poco released 19 albums – the last in 2013.

heart of the night fax

  • Released as a single in May 1979, Heart of the Night is lifted from Poco’s 1978 album, Legend.
  • The lead vocal features Heart of the Night’s composer, Paul Cotton.
  • The song was not originally intended to be released by Poco – it was recorded by Paul and Rusty Young and was to be credited to the Cotton-Young band.  Their record company had other ideas; the song and others recorded were released as Legend, Poco’s eleventh album.
  • Heart of the Night peaked at #20 on the US charts.
  • Heart of the Night features a saxophone solo by Phil Kenzie whose talents can be heard on Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat.
  • Heart of the Night lyrics.

heart of the night – poco – 1979 – video

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