Slow Ride – Foghat – 1975

Foghat Slow RideAnother 70s band who have had limited singles success but a loyal following over their 40+ years in the music biz – Foghat and their most successful single, Slow Ride.

Foghat 1foghat fax

  • Forming in London, England, in 1971, Foghat continue to tour and record today with three of the four original members still in the line-up.
  • With 18 albums to their credit, Foghat have achieved eight gold records, one platinum and one double platinum record.
  • Their first album, Foghat (1972) was produced by Dave Edmunds.
  • The band took a year or so off around 1985 before being urged by producer Rick Ruben to reunite.
  • Foghat 2Though never successful on the singles charts, the band continue to make great music featuring that awesome slide guitar.

slow ride fax

  • Slow Ride was written by Foghat member, Dave Peverett.
  • It featured on Fool for the City (1975); the band’s fifth album.”
  • In 2009, VH1 listed Slow Ride at #45 on its Best Hard Rock songs of all time.
  • Foghat 3There are five versions of Slow Ride; the original album version (8 mins and 14 secs), the single version (3:56), the 1977 live version (8:21), the King Biscuit Flower Hour Foghat version (10:37), and the 2007 live version (9:44).
  • The single version peaked at #20 on the US singles Chart.
  • Slow Ride has appeared in the movie FM and the television shows, Family Guy and Mike and Molly.
  • Slow Ride lyrics.

slow ride – foghat – 1975 – video

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4 Responses to Slow Ride – Foghat – 1975

  1. Wozza says:

    The version on Foghat Live is the one to go for GK!

    • Greg.K. says:

      I bow to your superior knowledge as the go-to musical guru, the aficionado of all things melodic… (PS – I thought Foghat were (are) a great group and could never understand why they didn’t achieve the fame of so many others…).

  2. John Fowler says:

    Slow Ride is also featured in the Seinfeld episode ‘The Slicer’ & in the Everybody Loves Raymond episode ‘Peter on the Couch’.

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