Spiders and Snakes – Jim Stafford – 1973

Jim Stafford - Spiders and Snakes CoverNow, here’s a song that may have slipped from your memory bank!  From the man who gave us, Under the Scotsman’s Kilt and Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne, comes Spiders and Snakes – a big hit for Jim Stafford back in 1973/4.

Jim Staffordjim stafford fax

  • Jim Stafford is an American comedian, musician, and singer-songwriter best known for his light-hearted 1970s recordings many of which became hits.
  • Jim released two albums in the early 70s and a third in 1993. He has since released a couple of classical guitar albums.
  • The 70s albums produced the hits, Spiders and Snakes, I Got Stoned and I Missed It, My Girl Bill and Wildwood Weed.
  • During college years, Jim played in a band with Gram Parsons and Kent LaVoie (better known to 70s music fans as Lobo).
  • Jim’s biggest hit was Spiders & Snakes in 1973.
  • Jim wrote tunes for a number of movies including Clint Eastwood’s Any Which Way You Can  which he also appeared in.
  • In 1975 Jim had his own variety show on television – it lasted for six weeks and was quite popular.
  • Jim was married briefly to Bobbie Gentry with whom he has a son.
  • In 1990, Jim opened his own theatre in Branson, Missouri where he continues to play most nights…

Jim Stafford 2spiders and snakes fax

  • Released in November 1973, Spiders & Snakes is a hit song recorded by Jim Stafford.
  • Spiders and Snakes was written by Jim and David Bellamy.
  • Spiders and Snakes hit the US singles charts in 1974 and peaked at #3.
  • Selling over a million copies, it sat on the US charts for almost six months.
  • Conway Twitty covered Spiders and Snakes substuting the name Loretta Lynn for the name of the girl (Mary Lou).
  • Jim and Dolly Parton sometimes performed Spiders and Snakes together (video below).
  • Spiders and Snakes lyrics.

spiders and snakes – jim stafford – 1973 – video

spiders and snakes – jim stafford and dolly parton

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