Chuck E.’s In Love – Rickie Lee Jones – 1979

Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck E.'s in Love - 1979 Single CoverRickie Lee Jones 1The very first song on her very first album became her greatest hit – from 1979, Rickie Lee Jones’, Chuck E.’s In Love.

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  • Rickie Lee was born into show business – her paternal grandparents were vaudeville performers and, although her father worked as a waiter, he was a singer, songwriter, artist and trumpet player.
  • Having been born in Chicago and travelled around a lot during her childhood, Rickie Lee was, by the time she hit 18, living in Santa Monica where she studied anthropology and music.  Three years later she began to play local clubs and, by 1977, was performing original material at the Ala Carte club in Hollywood with Albert Johnson.
  • Rickie Lee Jones 3In a case of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” Rickie Lee soon came to the attention of Dr. John and Lowell George. Lowell included his version of Rickie Lee’s song, Easy Money, on his first solo album.
  • As Rickie Lee’s talent became known, a number of record companies vied for her signature; she eventually signed a five record deal with Warner Brothers and began work on her debut album.
  • About this time Rickie Lee met Tom Waits.  The two became lovers and musical collaborators for a time.
  • Rickie Lee continues to perform and record.  Her latest album, The Other Side of Desire, is due out on June 23, 2015.

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  • Chuck E.’s In Love was written by Rickie Lee Jones; the first track on side one of her 1979 eponymous debut album.
  • Chuck E.’s In Love peaked at #4 on the US single chart and remains Rickie Lee’s biggest hit.

who was chuck e and was he really in love with the little girl singing the song?

  • In the late 70s, Rickie Lee was in a relationship with Tom Waits.  They would hang out with their friend, songwriter Chuck E. Weiss.  At some point Chuck E. disappeared for a while.  When he eventually phoned Rickie Lee and Tom he explained to Tom that he had fallen in love with a cousin in Denver where he now lived.  Tom came of the phone and said four words to Rickie Lee, “Chuck E.’s in love.”  Rickie Lee liked the sound and rhythm of that sentence and Chuck E.’s In Love was born.
  • The final words of Chuck E.’s In Love are, “Chuck E.’s in love with the little girl singing this song, Chuck E.’s in love with me.”  This is fictional.  Rickie Lee was never the girl with whom Chuck E. was in love.
  • The first line of the song says, “How come he don’t come and PLP with me down at the meter no more?”  There was once much debate about what PLP stands for.  It actually means, “Public Leaning Post.”  That’s old American slang for one person (usually female) leaning against another (usually male) in a friendly fashion.

Chuck E.’s In Love lyrics.

chuck e.’s in love – rickie lee jones – 1979 video

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