Diamond Girl – Seals and Crofts – 1973

Seals and Crofts Diamond Girl coverSeals and Crofts album, Diamond Girl was one of the first albums I bought.  It was back in 1973 and I thought it was pretty darn cool!

Seals and Crofts Aseals and crofts fax

  • Jim Seals and Dash (real name Darrell) Crofts are their full names… and back in the 70s they had three hits, Summer Breeze, Diamond Girl and Get Closer, all peaking at #6.
  • Coming together as a duo in 1969, Jim and Dash disbanded in 1980, reunited for a year or so in 1991 and again in 2004.
  • Jim and Dash released their final album, Traces, in 2004.
  • Seals and Crofts 1Prior to working as a duo the pair had worked together in a number of bands including, The Champs (Glenn Campbell’s original band).  Jim was also a part of Eddie Cochran’s toruing band.
  • Followers of the Baha’i faith, Jim and Dash included Baha’i references, including passages from Baha’i scriptures, in many of their songs.
  • When last heard of Jim was living on a coffee farm in Costa Rica.  Dash had settled in Nashville after living in Mexico and Australia for a while.
  • Jim’s brother Dan Seals was England Dan of England Dan and John Ford Coley fame – Dan died of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2009.

diamond girl fax

  • Seals and Crofts 2Diamond Girl was written by Jim Seals and Dash Crofts and is the title track of their fifth studio album.  It was released as a single in 1973.
  • Like their previous top 10 hit Summer Breeze, Diamond Girl peaked at #6 on the US singles chart.  Their follow-up single, Get Closer, also peaked at #6.
  • Diamond Girl lyrics.

diamond girl – seals and crofts – 1973 – video

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