Jeans On – David Dundas – 1976

David Dundas Jeans On LyricsIt’s not often a member of the British aristocracy gets to sit on their country seat and the UK top ten at the same time but it happened to Dundas, aka Lord David Paul Nicolas Dundas, back in 1976 when his song, Jeans On, hit the UK and US charts.

Photo of David DUNDASdavid dundas fax

  • David Dundas is a bona fide lord.  Son of the 3rd Marquess of Zetland, he is now rightly titled, Lord David Paul Nicolas Dundas.
  • His 1976 single, Jeans On, earns David (I mean, Lord David) entry to the one hit wonder club.
  • Lord David went on to release further singles including Another Funny Honeymoon (peaked at #29) and Where Were You Today, but he is remembered for his one big hit, Jeans On.
  • Lord David began his music career as a writer of advertising jingles.  In fact, at least two of his singles, Jeans On and Where Were You Today, had their beginnings as jingles.
  • Still in the music business, Lord David is going to be 70 years old this year and is known for writing film and television soundtracks.

jDavid Dundas 1aeans on fax

  • Jeans On was originally an advertising jingle for Brutus Jeans.  It was so popular that the jingle’s writer, David Dundas, with the help of iconic songwriter, Roger Greenaway, transformed it into a full length song and released it as a single.
  • In 1977, David (I’m letting go of the “Lord” bit – it gets rather tedious!) included Jeans On on his first album.  Self-titled it was the first of his three albums.
  • Jeans On peaked at #3 on the UK singles chart and #17 on the US chart.
  • David also released a French version of Jeans On – it was called Blue Jeans.
  • Keith Urban appears to be the only musician of note to cover Jeans On.
  • Fatboy Slim sampled the opening piano riff for his 1998 track, Sho Nuff.  Check it out; David is given credit as co-writer.  Coincidentally, Fatboy Slim’s track was also used in a commercial.  This one was for the SEAT Ibiza car.
  • Jeans On lyrics.

jeans on – david dundas – 1976 – video

brutus jeans ad – 1974 – video

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  1. Pat de Pont says:

    Now thats a happy way to start a Wednesday!

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