It’s a Heartache – Bonnie Tyler – 1977

Bonnie Tyler It's a heartache Bonnie Tyler single 1977One of the best-selling hits of all time comes from a Welsh country singer who later transformed into one of the greatest female rockers of all time.  Bonnie Tyler’s, It’s a Heartache hit #3 in the US and #4 in the UK back in 1977.

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Bonnie Tyler was born in Wales and began her career by doing the hard yards – seven years singing in the pubs and clubs of South Wales.

In 1975 she was signed to RCA Records as a country singer.  Within a year or so she had a #4 UK hit (#3 in the US) and, in 1979, representing the UK, won the World Popular Song Festival.

With that win under her belt, she shifted her focus from country music to rock music.

In subsequent years she had hits with songs such as, Total Eclipse of the Heart (#1 in the US and UK) and Holding Out for a Hero (#2 in the UK).

Bonnie Tyler 1Her success was linked to her collaboration with Jim Steinman of Meatloaf fame.

Since the 1990s she has focused more on soft rock and continues to perform today.

Bonnie’s voice has been compared to artists such as Rod Stewart and Kim Carnes.  She claims the huskiness is the result of an operation to remove vocal nodules.

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  • It’s a Heartache was recorded by Bonnie Tyler in 1977 and appears on her second studio album, Natural Force (1978).
  • It was written by Bonnie’s managers, Ronnie Scott and Steve Wolfe.
  • It’s a Heartache peaked at #3 in the US and #4 in the UK.  It sold over 6,000,000 copies making it one of the best-selling singles of all time.
  • Cover versions have been released by Juice Newton on foreign editions of her album, Come to Me. It earned Juice a gold record in Mexico but elsewhere it barely touched the charts.  Gene Pitney and Rod Stewart have also covered the song.
  • Bonnie has re-released the song a number of times.  The most notable re-release would have to be from her 2004 album Simply Believe.  It was recorded as a French/English bilingual track with Kareen Antonn.  It was a hit in Belgium, France and Switzerland.
  • It’s a Heartache lyrics.

it’s a heartache – bonnie tyler – 1977 – video

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