Romeo’s Tune – Steve Forbert – 1979

Steve Forbert Romeo's Tune CoverLittle Stevie Orbit – quirky, and sublime (to my ears anyway).  Over 30 years since the release of Romeo’s Tune and Steve Forbert still sits in the high rotation zone of my iPod… cause I like Steve and I like his music (except maybe that track with the piano accordion intro!)

steve forbert fax

  • American singer/songwriter Steve Forbert began his recording career as a 20-something back in1978 with the album, Alive on Arrival, featuring the wonderful Goin’ Down to Laurel.
  • Steve, with his ability to write wonderful lyrics and catchy tunes, was immediately compared to Bob Dylan.  His response was:

You can’t pay any attention to that. It was just a cliché back then, and it’s nothing I take seriously. I’m off the hook — I don’t have to be smarter than everybody else and know all the answers like Bob Dylan.

  • In 1984, Steve and his record company had a falling out over a recording Steve wanted to release.  The record was shelved and contractual issues prevented Steve from recording for a number of years afterwards.  But he didn’t stop writing or performing—in fact, he’s still performing today and has 15 studio albums to his credit.
  • Steve’s latest album, Over With You (2010), features Ben Harper on several tracks.

steve forbert trivia

  • Steve played Cyndi Lauper’s boyfriend in her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun video.

romeo’s tune fax

  • Written by Steve Forbert, Romeo’s tune was recorded in 1979 and appeared on his Jackrabbit Slim album.
  • Romeo’s tune peaked at #11 on the US singles chart in early 1980.
  • Romeo’s tune was dedicated to Florence Ballard, a founding member of the Supremes but is not about her—it is about a girl Steve knew when he was a teenager, though he’s never actually said who it is.
  • Romeo’s Tune took over a year to record.  Steve had four different attempts at it but could never get quite the right sound.
  • Keith Urban has covered Romeo’s Tune.
  • Romeo’s Tune lyrics.

romeo’s tune – steve forbert – video – 1979

goin’ down to laurel – steve forbert – video – 1978

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