You’re So Vain – Carly Simon – 1972

Carly Simon You're So Vain 1972 Single CoverAbout three years of 70 songs blogging, over 300,000 visits to this site, over 170 songs featured—you think this one would have come up before now!  But no, it was only last week the familiar bass line pattered its way through my car radio meaning I could finally feature Carly Simon’s 1972 smash, You’re So Vain.

Carly Simon 1carly simon fax

  • 23 Top 100 US hits, 13 Top 40 US hits, three gold records…Carly’s done pretty well.
  • For the record, her three golds are: Jesse, You’re So Vain, and Nobody Does It Better, from the James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me.
  • Carly began her singing career as half of a duet with her sister Lucy.  They called themselves the Simon Sisters.
  • In 1971, she released her first solo album and won the Best New Artist Grammy.
  • Carly Simon 2Carly’s second album hit #1 and stayed there for five weeks.  It included You’re So Vain.
  • Carly was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Grammy Hall of Fame for You’re So Vain in 2004.
  • Carly was once married to James Taylor.
  • Carly won an Academy Award in 1988 for Let the River Run, from the movie Working Girl.

the you’re so vain question

  • For many years the topic of the subject of You’re So Vain has been debated.  Before the song became a hit, Carly told an interviewer that it was not about a specific man, but rather about men in general.
  • Suggestions about the subject of the song have included Mick Jagger, Nick Nolte and, most often, Warren Beatty.
  • In 1983 Carly declared that the song is not about Mick Jagger (who sang backing vocals on the song).  However, in 1993, Angela Bowie claimed to be the “wife of a close friend” mentioned in the song’s lyric.
  • In 2001, Carly said,

The apricot scarf was worn by Nick (Nolte). Nothing in the words were referred to Mick.

  • Previously, back in 1989, she acknowledged that the song is a little bit about Warren Beatty.  Warren agreed, saying,

Let’s be honest. That song was about me.

Carly Simon 3you’re so vain fax

  • You’re So Vain was written and performed by Carly Simon.
  • You’re So Vain was released in November 1972 and peaked at #1 on the US charts (for the first three weeks of 1973) and #3 on the UK charts.  The song was rereleased in 1991, peaking at #41.
  • You’re So Vain is ranked at #82 on Billboard’s Greatest Songs of All-Time.
  • You’re So Vain has been covered by: Liza Minnelli, Jack Klugman and Tony Randall (as “The Odd Couple”), Janet Jackson, Smokie, Foo Fighters, and Marilyn Manson (featuring Johnny Depp).
  • Carly also performed You’re So Vain with Taylor Swift on her Red Tour in 2013.
  • You’re So Vain lyrics.

you’re so vain – carly simon – 1972 – video

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