Popcorn – Gershon Kingsley (Hot Butter) – 1972

Pop Corn Hot Butter coverOkay, so I didn’t hear this on the radio… I heard someone humming it.  I asked them, “Do you know the name of the tune you’re humming?”  Their answer astounded me… “That is,” they said, “one of my favourite all-time tunes.”  And, what were they humming…?

pop corn 1Popcorn, a 1972 instrumental by Gershon Kingsley’s band, Hot Butter!

gershon kingsley fax

  • Gershon Kingsley was born in Bochum, Germany way back in 1922.
  • Gershon went on to become a pioneer of electronic music through his discovery of the Moog synthesizer.
  • pop corn 3And, believe it or not, at 91 years old, he’s still producing music today – mainly Broadway musicals and film and television scores.
  • Oh, and commercials.  He’s won two Clio Awards for his work in advertising.
  • In the pop world, Gershon is remembered for his album, Music To Moog By which consisted mainly of Beatles, Beethoven, and Simon and Garfunkel covers, AND the famous, Popcorn.

popcorn fax

  • Popcorn was written by Gershon Kingsley in 1969, and first appeared on his album Music to Moog By.
  • In 1972, it was re-recorded and released by Gershon’s band, Hot Butter.
  • Hot Butter’s version was a huge hit, making it to #1 in nine countries—in France and Switzerland, it was the year’s top hit.
  • The origin of the name is, believe it or not, a point a great discussion amongst Hot Butter fans.  The track originally had no title.  Someone suggested “Popcorn”, with ‘Pop’ standing for pop music and ‘corn’ for kitsch.
  • Gershon tells a slightly different story saying, in 1969 he was listening to a popcorn machine and thought he could make a tune out of it. He spent the next day playing his Moog synthesiser looking for a catchy riff.  87 days later, it was recorded and on his Music To Moog By album
  • Popcorn has been covered by many artists including: Jean Michel Jarre, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Muse, James Last, Crazy Frog, Blue Man Group, and The Muppets.

popcorn – hot butter – 1972 – video

popcorn – crazy frog – video

popcorn – techno remix – 2013 – video

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