Making Plans For Nigel – XTC – 1979

 XTC Making Plans for Nigel - 1979 - Single coverVirtually unknown outside of the UK (or at least the Commonwealth), XTC epitomise the UK new wave sound of the 70s and 80s.  Making Plans for Nigel, their 1979 release, is perhaps their most commercial song.

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  • Together for over 30 years, XTC only performed for six years before retiring from live performance and becoming a studio-based project band.
  • XTC, a UK new wave band, formed in 1976.
  • The guys had only two songs that came close to being hits: Making Plans for Nigel (1979) and Senses Working Overtime (1982).
  • While not commercially successful the band epitomises many of the new age bands of the late 70s and early 80s.

making plans for nigel fax

  • Making Plans for Nigel was from XTC’s 1979 album Drums and Wires.
  • Written by prolific songwriter and the band’s bass guitarist, Chris Moulding, Making Plans for Nigel was released in September 1979.  It peaked at #17 on the UK charts and #12 in Canada.
  • Speaking of the song, Chris says:

Partly biographical, this one. My dad prompted me to write it. He wanted a university future for me and was very overpowering in trying to persuade me to get my hair cut and stay on at school. It got to the point where he almost tried to drag me down the barber’s shop by my hair. I know the song tells of a slightly different situation, but it all boils down to the same thing – parental domination.

making plans for nigel – xtc – 1979 – video

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