Joy to the World – Three Dog Night – 1971

Three Dog Night - Joy to the World - 1971The best known of Three Dog Night’s three #1 hits is sometimes better known by its first line, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog.”  Released in 1971, Joy to the World sold five million copies.

three dog night fax

  • Three Dog Night is an American band primarily featuring the talents of three vocalists: Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron.  The three first came together in 1967 to create some recordings with Brian Wilson.  In those days they went under the name of Redwood.
  • In 1968, the vocalists looked around for some musicians of their own and Three Dog Night was formed.
  • The name Three Dog Night was suggested by the girlfriend of vocalist Danny Hutton.  She had read a magazine article about indigenous Australians.  It explained that on cold nights they would sleep in a hole in the ground while embracing a dingo (a native species of wild dog). On colder nights they would sleep with two dogs and if the night were freezing, it was a “three dog night.”
  • Between 1969 and 1975, Three Dog Night scored 21 Billboard Top 40 hits, including three #1’s.
  • The band introduced the world to many artists and songwriters by recording the works of people such as: Paul Williams, Hoyt Axton, Laura Nyro, Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, and Leo Sayer.
  • The band is still together and recording.  They were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2000.

joy to the world fax

  • Joy to the World is one of the best-selling singles in history.
  • Joy to the World was written by Hoyt Axton who also wrote Heartbreak Hotel, Elvis’ first #1 hit.
  • The song is lifted from Three Dog Night’s third album, Naturally.  Naturally was released in November 1970.  An edited version of the song was released as a single in February 1971.
  • Joy to the World has been covered by a number of artists including: The Supremes and Four Tops (a duet version recorded in 1971 but not released until 2009).  And, Little Richard on his 1971 album, The King of Rock and Roll.
  • Joy to the World features in the movie The Big Chill. It is sung by a child character at the beginning with the Three Dog Night playing over the end credits.
  • Joy to the World lyrics.

joy to the world – three dog night – 1971

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