Dreadlock Holiday – 10CC – 1978

10CC - Dreadlock Holiday - 1978 - coverMulti-instrumentalists – very talented – seven top 10 UK hits – 3 #1’s – but not a band I ever really got into all that much… but, you can’t deny talent. Nor can you deny the quirkiness of the 1978 10CC hit, Dreadlock Holiday.

10cc fax

  • Still performing today (with a couple of breaks in the middle there somewhere), 10CC is an English band who formed in the early 70s.
  • Actually, the four founding band members – Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley, and Lol Crème – had been together for quite a few years before that, recording a number of songs under various names.10cc 1
  • The band members came as a pair of songwriting pairs. Eric and Graham were predominantly pop-song-writers – they created the band’s more commercial songs. Kevin and Lol were more experimental in their music.
  • 10cc had seven top 10 singles in the UK with three of them, Rubber Bullets, Dreadlock Holiday and I’m Not In Love, reaching #1.

dreadlock holiday fax

  • Released in July 1978, Dreadlock Holiday was written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman
  • Dreadlock Holiday was the first single off 10CC’s album, Bloody Tourists.
  • Dreadlock Holiday was based on real events experienced by Eric and Justin Haywood when they visited Barbados. It is the story of a white man lost in Jamaica. In his first encounter with locals he is confronted in the street by an unpleasant dreadlocked man who wants his silver necklace. His next encounter is beside the pool of his hotel. He’s sipping a Pina Colada when a dark-voiced woman offers him drugs. The man then attempts to avoid trouble by telling the aggressors that he likes cricket just like they do.
  • Dreadlock Holiday was 10CC’s third and final #1 UK single. It never featured on the US charts, although their song, I’m Not In Love, peaked at #2 three years earlier.
  • Dreadlock Holiday was covered by Boney M on their 1985 album, Eye Dance.
  • Dreadlock Holiday lyrics.

dreadlock holiday – 10cc – 1978 – video


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