Shannon – Henry Gross – 1976

Henry Gross Shannon 1976Almost certainly not the greatest song ever written! Shannon was a number one hit in 1976 for ex-Sha-Na-Na frontman, Henry Gross.

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  • Many people, even back in the 70s, do not realise that American singer-songwriter Henry Gross was a founding member of Sha Na Na. He played guitar.
  • An interesting fact about Henry and Sha Na Na is that when he left the band Vinnie Taylor replaced him. Vinny died of a drug overdose in 1974. He was subsequently replaced by prison escapee and child-killer Elmer Edward Solly who assumed Vinnie’s identity and performed as him. It was that which eventually led to his being recaptured.
  • Ready for another interesting fact? Aged 18, Henry was the youngest person to play on the main stage at the Woodstock.
  • Henry Gross 2Henry left Sha Na Na in 1970 and began to forge a solo career that has continued to this very day. He has released 17 albums, the last one in 2011.
  • Despite this number of albums, Henry has had only one hit record, Shannon in 1976.
  • Henry wrote a stage play about his life, it’s called One Hit Wanderer.

shannon fax

  • Shannon was written and sung by Henry Gross. It became a worldwide hit selling over a million copies in the US alone where it peaked at #6 on the singles charts. It reached #1 in Canada and #32 in the UK.
  • Shannon was written about the death of Beach Boy Carl Wilson’s Irish Setter of the same name.
  • Shannon was the subject of a profanity-laced tirade by American Top 40 host Casey Kasem, while recording the September 14, 1985 show. A listener from Cincinnati, Ohio had requested Shannon as a dedication to his own deceased dog. Casey was upset that the show’s producers had placed the dedication immediately following the Pointer Sisters’ hit Dare Me, an up-tempo song that Casey considered a poor lead-in to a sad song such as Shannon. The tirade did not originally air but the outtakes were distributed years later and wound up on U2’s Negativland.
  • Shannon lyrics.

shannon – henry gross – 1976 – video

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