Angie Baby – Helen Reddy – 1974

Helen Reddy Angie BabySo, I’m listening to the radio on Boxing Day (that’s what we call the day after Christmas in these parts) and they’re answering the question, “what was #1 on this day in 1974?” Answer: Helen Reddy’s third and final #1 US song, Angie Baby.

Helen Reddy 1helen reddy fax

  • Helen Reddy, who is now 72 years old, was born in Melbourne, Australia.
  • In 1966, she won a talent quest. The prize was a trip to New York to cut a single for Mercury Records. When she arrived, she was told the prize was an audition only. Despite having only $200 and a 3 year old daughter with her, she decided to stay on and pursue a career in music.
  • Success came quickly.  In the 1970s, Helen had 15 singles make it into the US singles chart; six in the top ten and three at #1.
  • Helen was the first Australian to win a Grammy Award.
  • Helen stopped performing in 2002 and has practiced as a hypnotherapist and motivational speaker, returning to the stage a year or two ago.
  • She was named #28 on Billboard’s list of best adult contemporary artists of all time.
  • Her three hit songs were;
      • I am Woman
      • Delta Dawn, and
      • Angie Baby

angie baby fax

  • Angie Baby was written by Alan O’Day. It reached #1 on the US singles charts on December 26, 1974. It was Helen’s first single to chart in the UK, reaching #5.
  • Helen Reddy 3The interpretation of the lyric has been argued over for many years. Helen has always refused to answer questions about the true storyline of the song because she says she enjoys hearing other listeners’ interpretations.
  • Angie Baby lyrics.

angie baby – helen reddy – 1974 – video

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