Be Mine Tonight – Th’ Dudes – 1979

The Dudes coverBe Mine Tonight, the debut single by Kiwi band, Th’ Dudes, is a classic down my end of the world.

The Dudes Bth’ time is right

It seems fitting to feature a song by Th’ Dudes this week seeing as how band member Dave Dobbyn was recently welcomed into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.

For those unaware of the New Zealand music scene, Dave Dobbyn is pop-royalty in these parts. He’s our Bob Dylan; a magnificent musical poet.

th’ dudes fax

  • Th’ Dudes began life at Sacred Heart College in Auckland, New Zealand – the same school Neil and Tim Finn (Crowded House) attended.
  • The band’s name was taken from a NME comic strip, The Lone Groover.
  • Originally a covers band, Th’ Dudes slowly increased their repertoire of originals and, in 1979, were named New Zealand Band of the Year.
  • The band claimed to be influenced by UK punk and new wave artists bands such as Iggy Pop, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Roxy Music, The Stranglers and The Clash.
  • The band eventually disbanded in mid 1980.


Another of the band’s songs, Bliss, released in 1980, is regarded as one of the great Kiwi party songs (see video below).

what about dave?

Dave Dobbyn went on to form his own band, DD Smash  (pretty hot from 1980 – 1986). In 1986, he went solo and has become one of our musical statesmen.

be mine tonight fax

  • Be Mine Tonight was Th’ Dudes debut single from their first album Right First Time. It is a classic song yet peaked at only #36 on the New Zealand single charts.
  • Be Mine Tonight won Single of the Year at the 1979 New Zealand Music Awards.
  • It was voted #27 on the list of best New Zealand Songs of the 20th Century.
  • Be Mine Tonight lyrics.

be mine tonight – th’ dudes – 1979 – video

bliss – th’ dudes – 1979 – video

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5 Responses to Be Mine Tonight – Th’ Dudes – 1979

  1. Marie says:

    Thanks for sharing this – I don’t remember them being played at all in the states. What a shame. I can definitely see the Costello influence, particularly in the first song.

  2. Mike says:

    Ah yes I remember Th’ Dudes back when they were managed by Charlie Gray. Charlie had a little place called ‘The Island of Real’ in Airdale St which became my second home for a while. Think this was the first place the boys played. It was also at The Island of Real with Th’ Dudes playing I smoked my first joint….just a useless bit of information. You may remember there were only 3 white boys in Auckland with really big afros….you, me and Dave though Daves was dyed blonde.

  3. Mark says:

    Awesome band and always remembered, live on Th Dudes !

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