No Matter What – Badfinger – 1970

Badfinger No_Matter_What_(Badfinger_single_-_cover_art)Formed in Wales in 1968, UK band Badfinger produced some great songs amidst even greater tragedy. This week we listen to Badfinger’s 1970 hit, No Matter What.

it started so well

British rock band Badfinger formed in 1968 with the name, The Iveys. Within months they were signed by The Beatles’ Apple label. A few months later they changed their name to Badfinger. Within another year they’d had four consecutive worldwide hits: Come and Get It (written and produced by Paul McCartney), No Matter What, Day After Day, and Baby Blue.

The song writing team of Pete Ham and Tom Evans also wrote Without You which became a #1 one hit for Harry Nilsson.

then it fell apart

In 1970, the band appointed an American businessman, Stan Polley, to manage their commercial affairs. On the one hand, they experienced great success. However, they also became caught up in the dissolution of Apple Records. Signing with Warner Bros., things turned sour when Stan Polley’s creative financial machinations resulted in a lawsuit by Warner Bros., over missing account money.

As a response, Warner withdrew Badfinger’s 1974 album, Wish You Were Here from sale. It cut the band’s income. Three days before his 28th birthday, on 24 April 1975, Ham committed suicide by hanging himself, leaving a note that included damning comments about Polley.

Badfinger 3and it gets worse

For three years the remaining members of Badfinger attempted to rebuild their personal and professional lives. They released two further albums, but they floundered.

Tom struggled. He never got over the death of his friend, Pete. On 19 November 1983, Tom also took his own life by hanging.

no matter what fax

  • No Matter What was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in April 1970 by UK band, Badfinger. It appeared on their album No Dice and was released on November 6, 1970.
  • No Matter What was written by band member Pete Ham.
  • No Matter What peaked at #5 in the UK and #8 in the US.
  • No Matter What was included in the original cut of the movie Wayne’s World 2 but was cut due to the inability to gain rights to use it.
  • Cover versions have been released by many artists including: The Knack, Jars of Clay, R.E.M., Def Leppard (released as a single in 2005) and Mark Cohn.
  • No Matter What lyrics.

no matter what – badfinger – 1970 – video

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2 Responses to No Matter What – Badfinger – 1970

  1. Nice post about an under-rated (almost forgotten?) band.
    The ‘best of’ you mention is an excellent summary, though I personally love 1972’s ‘Straight Up’ with the wonderful ‘Day by Day’ AND ‘Baby Blue’!

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