Yellow River – Christie – 1970

Christie Yellow River 1970 single coverThe musings of a young soldier who is looking forward to returning to his home town on Yellow River, is the theme of Christie’s 1970 #1 UK single, Yellow River.

not quite a one hit wonder

Formed in the 1960s, Christie was a UK band whose greatest hit was Yellow River. The follow-up single, San Bernadino, peaked at #7 on the UK charts before the band faded away…

Many US one-hit-wonder lists include Christie because, while Yellow River peaked at #23 in the US, classifying it as a hit, San Bernadino didn’t survive the Atlantic crossing and was unheard of Stateside.

(I must confess – for years I thought Christie were an American band, linking their second hit to San Bernardino, California).


The band’s name came from the founder – Jeff Christie. The band broke up in 1976, but Jeff resurrected it (well, the name at least – it was a completely new line-up) in 1990. They toured until 2009.

In all, the band released five albums between 1969 and 1976.

yellow river fax

  • Yellow River was written by Jeff Christie.
  • Yellow River was originally offered to, and recorded by, The Tremeloes. They decided against releasing it although it has since appeared on a number of their compilation albums.
  • So, rather than Christie recording it, the vocals were taken off The Tremeloes version, and Jeff’s vocals added to their music.
  • Where is Yellow River? No one has ever said. The video of the song had Christie on a barge sailing down the Thames River, however.
  • Yellow River lyrics.

yellow river – christie – 1970 – video

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2 Responses to Yellow River – Christie – 1970

  1. Ray says:

    The band had another hit, Iron Horse, which was a big hit across Europe. A song called Man of Many Faces, the third single, reached No 2 in Germany. And a 1976 release, Navajo, was no 1 in Mexico. The band are still touring!!!

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