Cajun Moon – JJ Cale – 1974

JJ Cale okieWho else could seventiesmusic profile this week than JJ Cale, who you will know died late last week?


What has surprised me most since JJ’s sad demise, is how few people seemed to know him! Surely this lack of musical appreciation is just some sort of statistical blip.  I’ve had a number of people ask me, “Hey, did you know this Cale bloke that died?”

They are then rather surprised at my enthusiastic response as I point out that JJ is, purely and simply, a legend.

i thought…

Honest, I thought everyone knew JJ. I listened to his albums over and over was a young(er) fella. I recall buying his album Okie, from which Cajun Moon comes, and being rather frustrated; it was, in total, only 29 minutes long. That meant, every 14 minutes or so, I had to get up and turn the disc over.

the man

As I mentioned in the seventiesmusic obituary for JJ last week, JJ was born John Weldon Cale. I love the story about how he adopted the moniker, JJ, to avoid confusion with John Cale from the Velvet Underground.

The thing I liked most about JJ, apart from his guitar playing, was his laid back way of singing. I remember thinking, “If he can sing, anyone can.” He made it seem so effortless.

as for his guitar

For those who don’t know much about JJ Cale, here’s what Neil Young said when he heard of JJ’s death, “Of all the musicians I’ve heard, JJ Cale and Jim Hendrix were the two best-electric guitar players.

I recall hearing an interview with JJ’s wife once. It was years ago and she said, “If you think JJ’s guitar sounds good on record, you should hear him on a Sunday afternoon when he’s playing on the back porch.” I’ve always loved that quote.

cajun moon fax

Not much to say about Cajun Moon; JJ wrote it, he say it and played guitar on it – that’s about it really.

Just enjoy!

Cajun Moon lyrics.

cajun moon – jj cale – 1974 – original version

cajun moon – jj cale – 1974 – laid back version live!


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