She’s a Mod – Ray Columbus and the Invaders – 1964

ray-columbus-and-the-invaders-shes-a-mod-1964She’s a Mod, originally recorded by English band, The Senators (featuring the drumming skills of John Bonham), was covered by New Zealand band Ray Columbus and the Invaders in 1964. It went on to become the first New Zealand song to become an international #1 hit.

why are we in the 60s?

Yes, I know this is a seventies music blog, but this week thenews down my end of the world is that one of our rock ‘n’ roll icons, Ray Columbus, is knocking on Heaven’s door, having been diagnosed with a terminal illness some time ago. It seemed fitting to pay some sort of tribute to him.

ray 1ray the man

Ray has been a popular figure in the Kiwi music industry ever since rock ‘n’ roll first hit these shores. He’s received numerous awards throughout his career, and toured in concert with Roy Orbison, The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Herman’s Hermits, The Searchers, Del Shannon, Shirley Bassey, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Gene McDaniel’s, Ben E King, The Hollies, Robin Gibb, The Turtles, Eric Burdon and the Animals.

In 2002, he toured with the sell-out Long Way To The Top – the history of Australian Rock N Roll – show, which saw him perform to over 220,000 people in 20 arena concerts throughout Australia.. He later went into music management.

Ray Columbus and the Invaders played together for only two years, from 1964 to 1966. In that time they became the first New Zealand band to record an international #1 record with She’s a Mod topped the Australian charts.

the inevitable

It’s seems inevitable that Ray will be leaving us soon, and when he does, all New Zealand fans will be saddened – he truly is, one of our music greats.

she’s a mod fax

She’s a Mod was originally recorded by UK band, The Senators before being covered by Ray Columbus and the Invaders.

It was the first song by a Kiwi band to hit #1 internationally.

She’s a Mod lyrics.

she’s a mod – ray columbus and the invaders – 1964

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8 Responses to She’s a Mod – Ray Columbus and the Invaders – 1964

  1. Phil Hughes says:

    How about something from the late Peter Doyle?
    The Australian star who became a New Seeker in the 70`s.
    Looking at the demo for Pinball Wizzard/See me feel me, The New Seekers themselves deserve more than a mention.
    Also, Lyn Paul, now there is someone who can really sing!!!

    • Greg.K. says:

      Strange you mention The New Seekers – I was out and about today and heard a track by them – Look What They Done to My Song, Ma. Maybe we’d better have a closer look at them sometime real soon. 🙂

      • Phil Hughes says:

        Thanks Greg,
        The New Seekers were the greatest vocal harmony group of the 70`s, and are often overlooked as having no definitive back catalogue.
        Yet their albums and hit singles around the world prove their worth. They sold 35 million records.
        A feature on them would be brilliant.
        The 1970-1974 line-up: Peter Doyle, Eve Graham, Lyn Paul, Marty Kristian, Paul Layton.
        Check out their “Songbook” album.

  2. wozza says:

    Dear old Ray. He did record some classics in the seventies, as you well know GK. How ’bout People Are People? But I guess there is no way you’ll ever hear that on the wireless these days. More’s the pity – a great song!

    • Greg.K. says:

      Ray was a real lynchpin (‘cuse the pun) for many artists from Zedville over the years. In particular, artists like Suzanne (that was the pun I was talking about) and her era. And, of course, a driving force behind that great NZ band – Zed. It will be a sad day…

      • maddy says:

        do you know where i can find sheet music for shes a mod?? i need it for school choirs 🙂

      • Greg.K. says:

        Hi. I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. I’ve searched the ‘net, which you will already have done, but no luck. I reckon your only chance would be to find it in a book of 60s or 70s hits.
        Maybe on Trade Me or something like that.

  3. maddy says:

    ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE SHEET MUSIC FOR THIS IS?!?! its so hard to find and we need it for our school house choir competition 🙂

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