Laughter in the Rain – Neil Sedaka – 1975

Neil Sedaka Laughter in the Rain 1975 Corny and sentimental, but I like it! Neil Sedaka’s 1975 hit, Laughter in the Rain.

an apology and a confession

Okay, for those of you who are fans of a heavier persuasion, I apologise in advance for this week’s song. But I also have a confession to make—I’ve always been a bit of a Neil Sedaka fan.

Then while out diriving the other day, this song came on the radio—haven’t heard it for a while, but still remembered all the words and sang along full volume – well, who wouldn’t?

In the US, this was Neil’s comeback single. He’d had 11 Top-40 hits from 1960-1963, but couldn’t score a hit after the British Invasion. His fortunes were so bad in the US that this song was at first released only in England, where it was included on an album called Overnight Success. When it was released in America, it re-ignited Neil’s career and he had six more Top-40 hits by 1977.

74 and still going – but not so strong…

Neil is 74 years old now. He began his career in 1957 and, in the years since, has written or co-written over 500 songs; some he recorded himself some were hits for other artists.

In all he had eight #1 hits around the world:

  • “Oh! Carol – (Italy), 1960
  • “Calendar Girl” – (Japan), 1961
  • “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” (1962 version) – 1962
  • “La Terza Luna” – (Italy), 1963
  • “Laughter in the Rain” – 1975
  • “The Immigrant” – 1975
  • “Bad Blood” – 1975-76
  • “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” (1975 version) – 1976

neil trivia

It has been suggested that the words,

Oh Carol

I am but a fool

Darling I love you

Though you treat me cruel

make up what is perhaps the worst-ever rhyme in a popular song.

laughter in the rain fax

  • Laughter in the Rain was recorded and released in 1974. It reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 1, 1975.
  • Neil Sedaka wrote the music for Laughter in the Rain. The lyrics were written by Phil Cody who said of the song:

Neil had a house in Forestburgh, New York, which is up in the Catskills. We were going to go up there and spend a few days in the summertime and just woodshed. The thing is that I’d met a new love and I didn’t want to go up there. And when I got there, I was kind of hostile to the whole process. I’ve never said anything to Neil about this, but as I think about it, I wanted to just get the songs written and get back to the city and my new girlfriend.

So we got together on a morning and Neil sat down and played me the changes and the melody to ‘Laughter in the Rain.’ I just sat there with a blank stare on my face. I had nothing. I had totally nothing. I excused myself, and I went out and took a walk. We were up in the country so I just took a walk and I sat down in a field near a golf course, smoked a joint, and watched some deer frolicking. I spent about an hour and a half, two hours out in the sun just kind of nodding off under a tree. I got myself up a couple of hours later and walked my way back, and Neil was there. I sat down, picked up a yellow pad of paper and in five minutes I had most of the song done.

  • Laughter in the Rain was recorded at Clover Studios in Los Angeles with the musicians who played on many of James Taylor’s hits, including, Russ Kunkel and Danny Kortchmar on guitars, Levon Sklar on bass, and Brenda Russell singing backup.
  • Laughter in the Rain was covered by Donny Osmond on his 2007 album Love Songs of the ’70s.
  • People have often commented on the similarities between Laughter in the Rain and Ray Davies’, Waterloo Sunset (1964).
  • Laughter in the Rain lyrics.

laughter in the rain – neil sedaka – 1975 – video

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