Smokin’ in the Boys Room – Brownsville Station – 1973

Another, almost, 70s one-hit-wonder; Brownsville Station with their 1973 #3 hit, Smokin’ in the Boys Room.

i almost heard it

Okay, so I didn’t hear the Brownsville Station version. I heard the 1985 version by Mötley Crüe, but I much prefer the original, so I’m telling you about that one!

the brownsville boys

Brownsville Station came from Michigan. Getting together in 1969, they initially sang a lot of covers of any songs they liked; then came Smokin’ in the Boys Room.

Often considered a one-hit-wonder, the band actually had six top 50 songs.  The band stuck together for exactly a decade, disbanding in 1979.

The various members went their separate ways and, although remaining involved in music, never achieved any great level of chart success again.

It’s interesting to consider where the members ended up… I mean, what happens to members of a one-hit-wonder band when the band splits? Well, they all did okay.

Of the members;

  • Cub Koda, guitarist and singer, was a blues nut–an absolute fanatic. He continued to produce albums; some of his own songs, some compilations by other artists. He wrote two books, All Music Guide to the Blues, and Blues for Dummies. Cub died of kidney disease on 1 July 2000. He was 51.
  • Mike Lutz, also guitarist and singer, still lives in the band’s hometown. He’s a music teacher. After Brownsville Station he did a spot of record producing including Ted Nugent’s, Spirit of the World album. In the 1990s he toured with Ted’s band.
  • Bruce Nazarian, yet another guitarist and singer, is right up there in the digital media world. He runs the website He has published a number of books on digital media and is an Apple Certified Trainer.
  • Henry Weck, Brownsville’s drummer remains in the music industry recording and producing in Memphis.
  • T.J. Cronley joined the U.S. Marine Corps as a pilot. He retired in 1992 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and now flies for FedEx.

and the good news…

The good news for all diehard Brownsville Station fans – the band has reformed and released an album in 2012.

smokin’ in the boys’ room fax

  • Smokin’ in the Boys Room was recorded in 1973, the final track on Yeah!, Brownsville Station’s third album.
  • Smokin’ in the Boys Room peaked at #3 on the US singles charts.
  • The song’s producer Doug Morris (also the owner of Big Tree Records) hated this song. He refused to release it as a single. Then, a local FM station began to play it off the album. Requests for the song streamed into the record company. It had over 100,000 orders for the single before Doug changed his mind and released it—and the rest is history!
  • Smokin’ in the Boys Room was later covered in 1985 by Mötley Crüe. It peaked at #16 on the US charts. It was Mötley Crüe’s first top 40 single.
  • Smokin’ in the Boys Room lyrics.

smokin’ in the boys room – brownsville station – 1973 – video – live version

smokin’ in the boys room – brownsville station – 1973 – video – studio version

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