Spanish Stroll – Mink DeVille – 1977

The shortness of this blog post in no way reflects the talent of the man; Willy DeVille and his band, Mink DeVille produced some fine music including the 1977 hit, Spanish Stroll.

one man band

Mink DeVille was really a fronting band for the music of Willy DeVille (aka Billy Borsay). Formed in San Francisco in 1974, the original members played on the first two albums only. Following those, Willy hired various musicians to record and tour.

punk is born

Willy and his band moved to New York in the mid-70s. Because they went on to become one of the original house bands at CBGB, the New York nightclub where punk rock music was born, they are often associated with punk and referred to as a punk band. They weren’t really – far more soul and R ‘n’ B than punk; and very good at it.

the name

There’s an urban legend that tells about Willy’s choice of his band name – Mink DeVille. The story goes that a reporter enquired as to why he chose the name. He answered that he always thought the ultimate in cool would be a mink-lined Cadillac Coup de Ville.

Apparently the story’s not true – but there is no doubt, Willy was cool!

willy rip

Willy died of pancreatic cancer in New York on August 6, 2009. He was 58 years old

spanish stroll fax

  • Spanish Stroll was taken from the 1977 album Cabretta.
  • The album Cabretta was produced by legendary producer Jack Nitzsche – who said Willy was the best singer he’d ever worked with.
  • Spanish Stroll was a top 20 hit in the UK.
  • Spanish Stroll lyrics.

spanish stroll – mink deVille – 1977 – video

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