A seventiesmusic milestone

On Thursday July 26 2012, seventiesmusic was visited by it’s 100,000th reader. 

To every 100,000 of you – thanks for coming.


4 Responses to A seventiesmusic milestone

  1. Jan says:

    Congratulations!! Each of your posts has taken me back to many times and places. Thanks for that!!

    • Greg.K. says:

      Thanks Jan. I know the reality that what I write is mostly unimportant – what people like about seventiesmusic is that, once a week, we get a reminder of a song we know so well, but may have forgotten until that moment.
      What is amazing is that, having not even thought about that song for years, you can usually remember most the lyrics. Somewhere in my brain there must be a special folder just for seventiesmusic song lyrics!!

  2. Miki says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Always SUCH an interesting trip down memory lane or supply of previously unknown info, so THANKS!

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