Roadhouse Blues – The Doors – 1970 and 1979

Roadhouse Blues, LA Woman, Riders on the Storm, Hello I Love You, Love Her Madly, Light My Fire, Break on Through (To the Other Side), Touch Me, there are a number of great songs by The Doors. I’m not saying this week’s 70s song is the best, but it’s the one I heard this week and so, here it is.

keep your eyes on the road and your hands up on the wheel

Jim Morrison and his wild and unpredictable ways ensured that The Doors became one of the most controversial rock acts of the 1960s and very early 1970s.

Jim was Jim – he moved to his own beat and his own tune. Even his band members were unsure of what he’d do next and we often annoyed when they found out.

Even as a youngster Jim was pretty bright. At school he was so widely read that one teacher claimed he used to have to check up on the books Jim submitted reports on. The teacher had never heard of any of them – but, they existed and Jim devoured all manner of literature, particular that relating to 16th and 17th century demonology – some might suggest not healthy reading for a 17 year old lad.

As a musician, he would create poems while on stage and recite them while the band played blindly on in the background.

let’s roll, baby roll

The Doors were signed to Elektra Records in 1966. Their first album, The Doors, was released the next year and there followed, 19 Gold, 14 Platinum and 5 Multi-Platinum albums in the US.

When Jim died in 1971 The Doors continued for a while but split in 1973. Their popularity has continued, however. They have sold 100 million albums worldwide.

Two band members, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger continue to tour performing Doors songs. The Doors were the first American band to earn eight consecutive gold albums and, in 1993, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

the future’s uncertain, and the end is always near

Jim died on July 3rd, 1971. He was found in a Paris apartment bathtub by his girlfriend Pam Courson. No autopsy was performed and so the cause of death has long been disputed. Those close to Jim, however, believe it to have been related to Jim’s heavy drug use.

Jim was 27 when he died, the same age as several other famous rock stars who make up the 27 Club. Jim’s girlfriend, Pam, also died at the age of 27.

Jim was buried in Poets Corner at Père Lachaise Cemetery. The inscription on his headstone reads, “ΚΑΤΑ ΤΟΝ ΔΑΙΜΟΝΑ ΕΑΥΤΟΥ”, which means, “True to his own spirit.”

morrison trivia

Many people don’t know about this – Jim Morrison learned the art of stage-persona from Van Morrison.

In June 1966, The Doors opened for Van Morrison’s band Them during their residency at the famous Whisky a Go Go. In his book Riders On the Storm, John Densmore writes of Jim’s infatuation with Van and the way he controlled the audience with very little movement or verbal contact. John Densmore writes:

Jim Morrison learned quickly from his near-namesake’s stagecraft, his apparent recklessness, his air of subdued menace, the way he would improvise poetry to a rock beat, even his habit of crouching down by the bass drum during instrumental breaks.

roadhouse blues fax

  • Roadhouse Blues was written by the members of The Doors.
  • Roadhouse Blues appeared on the album Morrison Hotel and was released as the B-side of the single You Make Me Real in 1970.
  • You Make Me Real peaked at a lowly #50 on the US singles charts.
  • Roadhouse Blues was recorded in two days to record (November 4–5, 1969).
  • A live version of Roadhouse Blues was released in 1979 from the album, An American Prayer.
  • John Sebastian from the Lovin’ Spoonful played harmonica. He is identified on the album as “G. Puglese” because he was afraid to be identified with The Doors in light of Morrison’s arrest at a concert in Miami when he was accused of exposing himself to the crowd.
  • It is claimed that the line “Woke up this morning and I got myself a beer” was inspired by Alice Cooper.
  •  Cover versions have been released by Status Quo, Blue Öyster Cult, Creed, The Jeff Healey Band, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Elkie Brooks, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Eric Burdon, Bon Jovi, and Eddie Vedder (with the remaining members of The Doors).
  • Roadhouse Blues lyrics.

roadhouse blues – the doors – 1970 – video

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