seventiesmusic one year on – passing 36,000

Sorry to bombard you with an extra entry this week but TODAY the seventiesmusic blog has been publishing for one year. In that time 56 blogs have been published. Here are a few statistics.


On Christmas Eve last year seventiesmusic received its 20,000th visitor. In the three and a half months since then another 16,000 people have visited.

At present around 230 people a day read the seventiesmusic blog. The day with the largest number of visitors was March 11 this year when 310 people visited. This was shortly after the death of The Monkees’ Davy Jones when we featured Daydream Believer.

what they come for

For a long time the top blog entry was Jimi Hendrix’s, Voodoo Child (Slight Return) published on July 7th 2011. I assumed that would remain the most searched entry for a long time, however, another, most unlikely, entry has taken its place.

Surprisingly, the most searched and read entry on seventiesmusic is currently, Venus by The Shocking Blue.

The other most searched and read blog entries are, in order:

where they come from

Readers of seventiesmusic come from all over the world. The most people come from, in order:

  • United States 35%
  • United Kingdom 10%
  • Brazil 9%
  • New Zealand 6%
  • Australia 6%
  • Canada 5%
  • Japan 4%
  • Greece 3%
  • Sweden 3%
  • Germany 3%
  • Italy 1%
  • Other countries 14%


Thank you for reading seventiesmusic – I hope you’ll enjoy the next years’ worth of entries.

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