Merry Christmas from seventiesmusic

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Have a wonderful Christmas time wherever in the world you may be.

And, may 2012 shower you with peace and happiness.

20,000 visitors!

Because, on Christmas Eve, the seventiesmusic blog will pass the 20,000 visitors mark, I thought I’d bore you with a few statistics.

Blog entries.

The seventiesmusic blog began on April 3rd 2011 with Led Zeppelin’s, Whole Lotta Love. Since then there have been 40 blog entries – one consistently receives more visits than any other entry and accounts for 15% of all visits to seventiesmusic – more on that soon.


The seventiesmusic blog will reach it’s 20,000th visitor on Christmas Eve 2011. Over 38 weeks that equates to and average of 526 visits per week or 75 per day. However, that’s not evenly spread throughout the year. Visitor numbers have steadily increased throughout 2011.

The average number of visitors to The seventiesmusic blog per day is now 126.

Pages and Googling.

The most visited page on The seventiesmusic blog is Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child (Slight Return) which accounts for 15% of all visits.

The most common search engine topic used by people to find The seventiesmusic blog is “Jimi Hendrix” followed by “The Eagles” and “Dire Straits.”


The most prolific commenters on The seventiesmusic blog are Wozza, Miki and Piggy, in that order.

Thanks for being a part of The seventiesmusic blog site.

And now, for your entertainment – The Ten Greatest Classic Rock Songs – well, one man’s opinion (not mine):

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