You’re No Good – Linda Ronstadt – 1975.

Linda Rondstadt charted over twenty times with remakes of old rock ‘n’ roll classics.  You’re No Good from her 1974 album Heart Like a Wheel was her most successful.


Now, let’s be honest, most teenage girls have a singer or actor they adore.  A star about whom the mere mention of their name is guaranteed to cause ashortening of breath and the fanning of the face with open hands.  Back in the 70s it was likely to be David Cassidy or one of the Bay City Rollers.

Well, let’s be honest again. Guys are just the same, they just don’t tell everyone about it but most will have some star who causes a deep sighing or a shortness of breath. And I have to admit, if there was one artist I was smitten on back in the 70s it was Linda Ronstadt. And I’m admitting that the photo of her in shorts and roller skates on the cover of her 1978 Living in the USA album did nothing to quench the desire.

There can be no denying – Linda is a mighty fine looking woman – and she can sing!

different drum and the stone poneys

Linda’s first hit was with her band The Stone Poneys in the late 60s. Different Drum, written by, and sounding very, Michael Nesmith, the song remains one of my favourite all time songs. In fact, I’d have blogged about it here were it not that it was released a decade too soon.

solo linda

Linda is one of those artists many younger music fans may have heard of while not realising how phenomenally successful she was. Her awards include ten Grammy’s, two Academy of Country Music awards, an Emmy, and numerous nominations for all manner of awards.

Linda has released over 30 solo albums and more than 15 compilations or greatest hits albums. She’s had over 38 singles on the Billboard Top 100 chart. Of those, 21 reached the Top 40, ten reached the Top 10, three peaked at #2 and one went all the way to #1 – that was You’re No Good.

Another piece of Linda-trivia – she has appeared as a background vocalist on over 120 albums.  She was the highest earning female contemporary singer of the 70s decade.

post-singer linda

These days Linda is known for her political and environmental activism. And, more trivia, she was once engaged to George Lucas, the Star Wars man.

you’re no good fax

  • You’re No Good was written by Clint Ballard Jnr, a songwriter who wrote a number of hits including, I’m Alive for The Hollies and Game of Love, originally a hit for Wayne Fontana.
  • You’re No Good was first a hit for Betty Everett in 1963. Linda hit #1 with it in 1975. The original version, however, was released in 1963 by singer Dee Dee Warwick.
  • In 1964, You’re No Good was a #3 hit in the UK for The Swinging Blue Jeans.
  • Linda’s friend Maria Muldar who had a huge hit with Midnight at the Oasis, turned down the opportunity to record this song because, in her words, “I’ve turned down songs that have gone on to be hits for other people because I thought the lyrics were negative or neurotic”
  • You’re No Good was taken from Linda’s album Heart Like a Wheel which went double platinum in the USA and included two other hits, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore and When Will I Be Loved. (double platinum means over two million units sold – quite a feat in 1975).
  • Andrew Gold, who had a hit of his own entitled, Thank You For Being My Friend, provided virtually all the track’s instrument backing.
  • You’re No Good has been covered by a number of artists including, Elvis Costello, Jose Feliciano, Lulu, Reba McEntire, Ike and Tina Turner, Van Halen and Michael Bolton (under his real name – Michael Bolotin).
  • You’re No Good was featured as background music on Miami Vice – now, that’s when you know you’ve made it!
  • You’re No Good lyrics.

be honest now…

Who did you have a crush on when you were a teen…?  Hit the comment button and tell the world!

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2 Responses to You’re No Good – Linda Ronstadt – 1975.

  1. Jon says:

    I had acrush on Linda . . . still do!

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