Little Green Bag – The George Baker Selection -1970

George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag - CoverOne of my favourite songs of the 70s. The George Baker Selection had two 70s hits – one a goody, the other just terrible!


For my early childhood music was music. You turned on the radio or threw disc on the old radiogram and what came out was a one-dimensional noise that you could sing along to. Sometime around 1970 I heard a song titled Little Green Bag by the Dutch Band, The George Baker Selection and everything changed.

I recall vividly hearing this song and having an “aha” moment. As listened I recognised the multi-dimensional nature of almost all recordings. I heard the bass-line. Then the tambourine over top, a quick drum beat, a voice saying, “Yeah,” a few more vocals, a build up in the drums, a guitar playing an upbeat G-chord – put them all together and you got music!


Okay, so it makes me sound like a nut but, since that time, I have always attempted to dissect any song I’m listening to. I try to listen for the individual instruments, identify them and workout what they’re playing. And, this is the amazing thing about music – there is nothing new and yet, everything is new… There are only a certain number of keys on a piano, and only a certain number of frets on a guitar but, every song known to humankind can be found on there somewhere – magic.

you can’t win them all

The George Baker Selection had two hits, one is a classic (this one), the other is, in my opinion, terrible.

Can you recall their second hit? It was called Paloma Blanca. I don’t blame you if you forgot it. If you remember it, please forgive me, it probably means you liked it… but, let me repeat, it was ghastly!

Reservoir Dogsquentin tarantino

I hadn’t heard Little Green Bag for such a long time then in 1992 I went to see the Quentin Tarantino movie Reservoir Dogs and there, in that wonderful opening scene, is Little Green Bag. The movie has a strong cult following and that scene is known as one of the great opening movie scenes.


Reservoir Dogs contained another wonderful 70s song – Stealer’s Wheels’ – Stuck in the Middle With You.

whatever happened to george?

George Baker continues to perform as a solo artist. His last album, Lonely Boy, was released in 2009.

little green bag fax

  • Little Green Bag was released in 1969. It was written by two Dutch musicians, Jan Visser and Hans Bouwens. Hans went by the name George Baker, hence the band’s name.
  • Little Green Bag reached #9 position in the Dutch Top 40 and #21 in the Billboard Top 100 in the U.S.
  • In 1991 Little Green Bag reached #1 in Japan after it was used in a Japanese whiskey commercial.
  • In 1999, Tom Jones covered Little Green Bag on his album Reload. He was joined by Canadian band, Barenaked Ladies.
  • Little Green Bag has also appeared in The Simpsons and Red Dwarf, and been used in commercials for Toyota (in Australia) and Heineken beer.
  • Finally, the song also features in the international trailer for the film Despicable Me.
  • Little Green Bag lyrics.

7 Responses to Little Green Bag – The George Baker Selection -1970

  1. Angela says:

    I guess there is nothing really wrong with this song but it just makes me feel kind of depressed……

  2. Greg.K. says:

    Well, don’t EVER watch the movie it’s from – that’ll really upset you. 🙂 (Thanks for liking seventiesmusic on Facebook). 🙂

  3. wozza says:

    You asked a while ago about songs we hate – member? Well this is one of mine. I loathed and despised it then and now (and the cool cache of the Tarantino movie doesn’t move me). Zeiger and Evans -meet George!

  4. Greg.K. says:

    It seems I may be the only person on this rock that likes this song! Oh well…

  5. abby normal says:

    the middle of the song [the “bridge”? am no music expert] sounds operatic to me, did George Baker borrow this from an opera?

    • Greg.K. says:

      Opera? Not that I know of – but one of the great things about music is the way different people can hear different things at different times.
      The thing that distinguishes this song for me is the syncopated guitar throughout. I guess it’s sort of like Dutch Reggae 🙂

      • abby normal says:

        maybe it was the way George was singing the words “Lookin’ for some happiness – But there is so a loneliness to find…” that sounded operatic or reminiscent of some Spanish opera I’d heard long ago, you know how memory is a funny thing sometimes. 🙂 it sounded balladic and operatic like a troubadour was singing it outside an old castle or something.

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