No More Mr Nice Guy – Alice Cooper – 1973

No More Mr Nice Guy Single coverNo More Mr Nice Guy is my favourite of the four singles taken from Alice Cooper’s 1973 number one album Billion Dollar Babies.

the day alice cooper and the partridge family went head to head and the partridge family won

So, I’m in my first year of high school and it’s coming up to my birthday.  My mother says to me, “I want you to go up to the record store and buy an album for me.”

Me thinks, “Wow!  New music in the house!”   Me says, “What would you like?”

Mum answers, “Up To Date.  The Latest Partridge Family Album.”

My heart sinks and I’m overcome with a sense of dread.  Could it be that I’m about to become party to purchasing my own birthday present?  Could it be that, comes the big day, I will have to feign excitement and enthusiasm?  Could it be that, when I say, “You shouldn’t have,” I’ll mean it!

“Wouldn’t you rather Alice Cooper’s new album, Billion Dollar Babies?” I enquire – a broad hint.

“No,” she’s quite adamant, “The Partridge Family, thanks.”

back then there were record stores – stores that sold records

I’m in the local music store (back in these days there is such a thing).  I’m enviously fingering two albums I’ve coveted for some time.  Joe Cocker’s, Cocker Happy, and the aforementioned, Billion Dollar Babies.

Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar BabiesThe Alice Cooper album is pretty flash.  It’s has a thick fold out cover that is made to look like a snake-skin wallet.  I’m wondering if I could fool mum by telling her a bus load of teenyboppers pulled up at the store just prior to my arrival emptying the shelves of every The Partridge Family in sight.  I would tell her that the lady behind the counter had assured me people who bought Up To Date also greatly enjoyed Billion Dollar Babies.

The problem is, what if I’m wrong?  What if the album isn’t intended for me?  Honesty, the best policy…? yeah, I guess so.  I buy The Partridge Family.

alice and the billion dollar babies

Alice Cooper was, as most of us will know, the name of a 70s music band and the adopted name of the band’s lead singer – Vincent Damon Furnier.

Billion Dollar Babies was the fifth, and most popular, of the band’s six albums.  The album’s title reflected the band’s amazement at their success.  Alice Cooper (the man not the band) once said, “How could we, this band that two years ago was living in the Chambers Brothers’ basement in Watts, be the Number one band in world, with people throwing money at us?”

The album also had more singles released from it than any of the band’s other albums.  Four singles in all; the title track, Hello Hooray, Elected and No More Mister Nice Guy.

no more mr nice guy fax

  • There are two differing explanations for the origins of this song.  The first says that Alice wrote No More Mr Nice Guy in response to the reaction of people toward his on stage persona. In particular, the reaction of his mother’s church friends.  The second explanation suggests that it’s Alice saying, in effect, “you ain’t seen nothing yet,” and that there was worse stuff that he could do in his life than what he’d already shown on stage.
  • No More Mr Nice Guy features in the video game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.
  • No More Mr Nice Guy has featured in both Family Guy and The Simpsons.
  • There have been two notable covers of No More Mr Nice Guy.  The first was by Megadeth for the soundtrack of the 1989 comedy thriller movie Shocker.  The second was by Pat Boone on his 1997 album In a Metal Mood.
  • No More Mr Nice Guy lyrics

ps – yes…

The Partridge Family was my birthday present and, to be honest, a lover of most music as I am, I have to reluctantly admit – it was okay for what it was!  But I spent the money my Gran gave me on Billion Dollar Babies.  And, I never did get that copy of Cocker Happy!


One Response to No More Mr Nice Guy – Alice Cooper – 1973

  1. wozza says:

    Hey freaky dude – not only did I also have an Alice Cooper song in my goo goo blog but I also really wanted that copy of Cocker Happy but never got it. I think it was a conspiracy by our mums (even though they didn’t know each other).

    My first taste of Alice was the School’s Out single and album – the one with panties wrapped around it. Then I got Billion $ Babies from the RCA Victor Record Club. I still have it with the billfold cover and fake money. A great package.

    School’s Out is my favourite AC album – I actually still play it a lot. Their last album in their original line up was Muscle Of Love – where Teenage Lament ’74 made its presence felt. Some awesome songs.

    While I watched The Partridge Family on TV (we all loved Susan Dey didn’t we) I never sought out their music. Again by coincidence I saw a double Best Of at the Virgin Mega Store in Dubai last weekend. I actually picked it up and gazed at it – didn’t recognise any songs and put it back. Then I toddled off to the Metal section and bought an amazing album by the lead singer of Symphony X. Huge guitar sound on it, called Atomic Soul. You’d love it.

    And Cocker Happy? I always figured my mother hated the title and thought it was obscene and so it was forbidden (she never explained why – different times – she didn’t need to). Weird because I had really obscene things like Zappa’s Fillmore East album in my collection, and she put up with Whole Lotta Love’s weird middle section played LOUD!!). And so I never bought it. Even when I’d long outgrown my mother’s influence. I didn’t want to disrespect her so I never got it.

    Your posts are making me remember a lot of those seminal music years. Many thanks GK.

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